Furniture Drop-off in Ishikawa Prefecture by Yuriko Tokunaga

A few weeks ago we visited Kanazawa City in Ishikawa Prefecture to drop off some of the pieces we've been working on lately. It was raining almost non-stop the week before, but thanks to a little bit of Tokunaga magic we were able to make it to Ishikawa without seeing a cloudy sky even once!

Back in Hyogo Prefecture almost all the cherry blossoms had already fallen, but Ishikawa was still in prime viewing season which was a nice surprise (^o^) 

The place we dropped the furniture off at at was right in the center of Kanazawa--we brought a keyaki table, four Vibrato Chairs, and two sugi Torricott Chairs to make the full dining set and our clients were really excited to see their new pieces for the first time 

Going along on this trip, I realized how valuable it is to see/hear your customers' reactions in person. Hearing them talk about how much they love the pieces reaffirms all the effort you put into the crafting process and makes you want to work all the harder next time around.

In other words, the whole experience made me realize how glad I am to be a woodworker!

Hopefully I'll be able to repeat this process many more times in the years to come-- already can't wait to see those future customers' faces when they see their newly finished products for the first time

Until next time-- ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

Masato Morioka

Spring is coming by Yuriko Tokunaga

We've had some crazy weather this year--going back and forth from hot to cold pretty incessantly ┐(´д`)┌ But in the fields and bamboo groves around the workshop we've started to see the signs of wild animals coming back, and it seems like spring is finally here! In about a month or two from now we'll have to start battling with these animals for the bamboo shoots though 0__o 

In the windowsill of our studio there's a vase where we planted a new keyaki (Japanese Zelkova) last April, and it had a couple new sprouts come out recently (*^^*) Before winter it had already gotten to about a meter tall, so we're excited to see how much it will grow this year!

With this little keyaki as our motivation, we're feeling inspired to get some great work done this spring-- stay tuned for most posts soon!





New Nara Studio by Yuriko Tokunaga

Everything is going smoothly in setting up our workshop down in Nara, and one of our apprentices, Mori just recently moved to the prefecture as well.
Right now we’re just a three-person team here in Hyogo, but we plan to work harder from here on out than we ever have before! Our Nara branch is planning to post soon on Facebook, so please check the blog out when it’s up!

At the moment we’re working on a counter for a restaurant in Kyoto.
We used a Japanese cypress for this project, and let me tell you—it’s heavy and just too long, about 20 feet maybe? Impossible to fit it all in one photo.

It’s rare to have a chance to work such a long piece of wood with a kanna, so we are really looking forward to the work ahead of us. The cypress is easy to shave because it’s just so much softer than the zelkova we normally use, but that also means we have to be careful not to cause some major damage in a single moment of carelessness.

But we’re all really enjoying the smell of the cypress that’s been lingering around the workshop since we started working! We’ve still got a long way to go on this project, but when we are finished we’ll upload a photo to the page.

PS: our shiitake mushrooms started popping out in the middle of October and we can’t wait to eat ‘em!!