Ganpishi no isu / by Yuriko Tokunaga

Today, we present "Ganpishi-no isu" using Japanese traditional paper Ganpi(雁皮), and mulberry. 
The main materials for Japanese paper are; Kozo(楮) made from mulberry dark fiber, Mitsumata(三椏) made from edgeworthia chrysantha, and Ganpi(雁皮) made from fibers taken from the bark of a clove-like bush. Like Gampi is used for wrapping paper of treasure from Shosoin, it is known as a high-class paper, also called a king of Japanese paper, excellent in both gloss and strength. Because it is really difficult to cultivate, gathered natural one from the mountain between Hyogo prefecture and Okayama prefecture by using traditional way. We expressed sweetness like girl wearing a sweater. Please enjoy the contrast of Japanese paper and mulberry, and beauty of Ganpi.