Vibrato chair Double by Yuriko Tokunaga

Maison&Objet is coming soon!
Today we introduce our booth and vibrato chair. 
This vibrato chair double is special version for Maison&Objet, dressed up with Japanese paper(washi和紙). Made from Yoshino cedar, and it has interest that the shade changes depending on the viewing angle. We created the new form which gave the massive by making the beauty of Japanese-style vertical grid into curve.

Our booth will be in hall no.7, and please note that we will exhibit as "FEDECA" .

Kyoto Chair by Yuriko Tokunaga

This "Kyoto chair" will also be exhibited at Maison & Objet in Paris. Originally we use 800 years old Japanese zelkova grew in Daitokuji temple in Kyoto please feel the power that tree has.

Ganpishi no isu by Yuriko Tokunaga

Today, we present "Ganpishi-no isu" using Japanese traditional paper Ganpi(雁皮), and mulberry. 
The main materials for Japanese paper are; Kozo(楮) made from mulberry dark fiber, Mitsumata(三椏) made from edgeworthia chrysantha, and Ganpi(雁皮) made from fibers taken from the bark of a clove-like bush. Like Gampi is used for wrapping paper of treasure from Shosoin, it is known as a high-class paper, also called a king of Japanese paper, excellent in both gloss and strength. Because it is really difficult to cultivate, gathered natural one from the mountain between Hyogo prefecture and Okayama prefecture by using traditional way. We expressed sweetness like girl wearing a sweater. Please enjoy the contrast of Japanese paper and mulberry, and beauty of Ganpi.

Sun and Moon chair by Yuriko Tokunaga

Finished making chairs for Maison&Objet! (
We will exhibit seven chairs, today introduce "sun and moon chair". Usually we use Japanese zelkova, but made special one for exhibition. We made these for ceremony rather than siting and relaxing. We used mulberry for the timber, silk made by Tatsumura, and horse hair which is the best for cushions for the seat.

Getting ready for Maison&Objet! by Yuriko Tokunaga

We are getting ready for a trade fair Maison&Objet in Paris! Made panels for our booth, they will be like holding screen called "byobu" in Japanese.We used Yoshino Cedar, and they were of course kanna-finished.

We are so excited to exhibit in Paris! Further details about our booth will be announced later.

We will be exhibiting at Maison&Objet in Paris! by Yuriko Tokunaga

We will be exhibiting at Europe's largest interior trade fair, Maison&Objet in Paris, that will be held during 9/4~8! The location will be in hall No.7. Please feel free to visit us!

Nous avons le plaisir de vous informer que nous serons present sur le plus gronde salon de l'intérieur d'Europe. Maison&Objet, qui sur tiendra sur Paris du 4 septembre au 8 septembre. Notre stand se trouvera au couloir no.7. C'est avec plaisir que nous attendons votre visite!

Presence of Japanese Cedar (Sugi) Prevents Formation of Fungi by Yuriko Tokunaga

A little while back we started an experiment in our studio to test the antibacterial capabilities of Japanese cedar (sugi). This wood comes from the Yoshino area, where there is an over 500 year old tradition of afforestation (longer than anywhere else on earth). Read more about artificial forestry in Japan here

Our experiment was pretty simpleーwe put two pieces of white bread into separate but identical mason jars. In the left hand jar, as you can see, there is a thin piece of sugi beneath the bread. There is nothing other than bread in the right hand jar. Just as is written on the label, both pieces of bread were placed into the jar on April 25th, and the following photo shows the progress of both pieces of bread as of May 5th:

Our preliminary findings seem to indicate that Japanese cedar has some tremendous antibacterial qualities, but we are curious to hear the opinions of all you mycologists out there! We've all heard of someone putting cedar blocks in a drawer with their clothes to keep moths away, but the dramatic difference between these two pieces of bread was still a bit surprising for us. Please share this post with anyone who might be able to offer more insight into the properties of this amazing tree! m(_ _)m

When this article was originally posted in Japanese on our Facebook page we were asked if this lack of mold was not due to some sort of dehumidification process, but as the center of the jar is a bit cloudy it seems unlikely that this is the case. From here on out we're planning a few more experiments with the sugi, but this preliminary test has been pretty interesting to say the least (^-^)v

All of the sugi that Tokunaga Furniture uses in our work comes from the same part of Yoshino as this little guy, and you can see some examples of cedar in our work in the first two chairs here. We are really fascinated with this tree, so be sure to let us know if you know anything else about its capabilities!

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