Thousand-Year Chair
Tatara F-Type
 All of our chairs are made exclusively with the  kanna , a plane crafted using blacksmithing techniques that have been passed down in Japan continuously from the Yayoi period (300BCE-300CE)
 Shown here is one of Master Smith Ohara Yasuhiko's handmade tatara, the traditional Japanese furnace used to smelt the tamahagane steel that each of our kanna is furnished from
 Because our furniture is finished with the  kanna , there is no need for any extra layer of varnish over the wood —  it's naturally this smooth. Don't believe us? Come to one of our upcoming exhibitions and feel the  kanna-finish  difference for yourself!
 The original Tokunaga Furniture Studio is attached to the Tokunaga family home in the small town of Miki, Hyogo Prefecture
Kobe Exhibition